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'Belarus is a difficult place to understand'
Michael Andersen BiographyInterview
Michael has covered Central Asia, the Caucasus, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova for Denmark's Radio for 15 years, and produced numerous documentaries for Aljazeera English and others. Since the mid-1990s, he has worked as a consultant, media reform trainer and civic reform specialist , including...
'Belarus has a glorious and tragic history'
Andrei Aliaksandrau BiographyInterview
Andrei specialises in issues of freedom of expression and media management. He has experience of work as a journalist and editor for various Belarusian and international media. Andrei is an initiator and a member of jury of the Free Word annual journalism award by the Belarusian Association of...
'A great opportunity for Belarusian journalists to promote their work outside Belarus'
David R. Marples BiographyInterview
David is Distinguished University Professor, Department of History and Classics, at the University of Alberta. He is also President of the North American Association of Belarusian Studies. He has written14 books on topics ranging from the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and its consequences, modern...
'We have a new wave of fighting for freedom, for Europe'
Pavel Sheremet BiographyInterview
Pavel is the founder and editor-in-chief of Belarus Partisan – a socio-political website. Based in Moscow, he also works for Kommersant Publishing House. Since 1996, Pavel has worked for Russian TV channel ORT (today ‘Channel One’), first as a correspondent for Belarus, later as a...
'I would like to read something new'
Maria Przełomiec BiographyInterview
Maria has covered events within former Soviet countries since the early nineties for both Polish and international media. Today Maria works for Telewizja Polska, where she is the author and presenter of ‘Studio Wschód’ - a series analyzing socio-political situations in countries...