Professional JournalistsBeginner JournalistsFinalists 2013

honourable mentionPolitical theatre: Dying on stageThe Belarus Free Theatre’s new play, "Trash Cuisine", is a take-down of the death penalty dressed up as a macabre cooking show.
honourable mentionThe hidden life of a dead roe deerOther forests have been cut down, but the Bia?owie?a Forest hasn’t been touched. Why? A tourist can feel the spirit of the forest only collectively. Why? Lukashenko has built a ring road around the forest, but nobody uses it. Why?
prizewinnerBelarus is Peace “Vasili! How many centimetres?”, asks an agent, my camera in hand. He shows it to a colleague to find out if I can get it through or not. He has been diligently registering me for two minutes: my socks, the flat pockets on my chest, my belt, my trouser folds.
prizewinnerWaiting for nuclear paradise: the nuclear ghost of Chernobyl wanders the streets of Ostrovets In addition to their common history, folklore and neighbourly love, there is one more burning issue which that Belarusians and Lithuanians share – nuclear power plant construction.
prizewinnerBelarus: No Beggars AllowedThe luckless and their helpers face persecution for threatening the myth of a prosperous country.
prizewinnerThe Hidden Fruit of the UndergroundIn Belarus, the most vivid, original and interesting music is based solely below the surface of society. Yet, dig a little deeper and a thriving underground music scene can be found, with bands that are more often recognised outside of Belarus than inside.
honourable mentionMedia project: Polotsk writes for FriedrichshafenBelarusian students learning German at Polotsk State University shed light on life in Friedrichshafen’s sister town within the framework of the media project ’Polotsk writes for Friedrichshafen’. Authored and coordinated by Brigitte Geiselhart.
prizewinner Us from the Kolkhoz Aleksander Lukashenko is the only person in Europe to have kept a network of ’sovkhoz’ and ’kolkhoz’ functioning in a Soviet style.
prizewinner'Tractor' à la bohème in the shadow of the new orderThe Minsk city authorities plan to ’tidy up’ yet another historical area of the Belarusian capital