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21 Jan

Matthew Holehouse (United Kingdom)
The Daily Telegraph, Oct 19, 2013

EU passes British aid to Belarus dictator655

Millions of pounds in British aid money is given to security forces of last dictatorship in Europe, investigation reveals

20 Jan

Katarzyna Kwiatkowska (Poland)
Wprost, Aug 1, 2013

Koniec dyktatora [End of the Dictator]521

W klatce o powierzchni mniejszej niż jeden metr kwadratowy siedzi smutny 57-letni pan. To Sasza Warłamow, najsłynniejszy białoruski projektant mody.

20 Jan

Indre Vainalaviciute (Lithuania)
Balsas.lt, Aug 17, 2013

Waiting for nuclear paradise: the nuclear ghost of Chernobyl wanders the streets of Ostrovets667

In addition to their common history, folklore and neighbourly love that Lithuanians and Belarusians have for one another, there is one more very relevant issue which both peoples share – nuclear power plant construction.

20 Jan

Diana Nachiło (Poland)
BIZNES meble.pl, July 1, 2013

Kraina z czarną perłą [The land with a black pearl]579

When hitting the road to Belarus in search of economic treasures, it is worth taking a good guide. Otherwise, you can get lost in the dense forest of regulations or lose balance on slippery bureaucracy ground.

20 Jan

Diana Nachiło (Poland)
BIZNES meble.pl, Aug 1, 2013

Otworzyć granicę [Open the border]647

Interview with Ksenia Kaniewska, promoter of young design from Eastern Bloc countries.

20 Jan

Christina Karchevskaya (Belarus)
Transitions Online, May 22, 2013

Belarus’ Accidental Crusader761

In 2010, if you asked Belarusians who Iryna Khalip was, many would have said she is a muckraking journalist who works for independent media. Her stories, they would have said, provoke many of the online discussions in Belarus.

18 Jan

Stuart Wadsworth (United Kingdom)
New Eastern Europe, Dec 27, 2013

A Christmas Trip to the Land That Time Forgot666

“Belarus? at Christmas? You can forget it. No way!” – this was my girlfriend’s predictable response when I first suggested going to Europe’s least-known and probably least fashionable travel destination. So, for a while, I forgot it.

17 Jan

Matthew Day (United Kingdom)
The Scotsman, July 4, 2013

Ex-stripper beauty queen scandal rocks Belarus603

SCANDAL has erupted in Belarus after it was revealed the winner of the Miss Minsk beauty contest worked as a stripper and lived a life far removed from the shy and demure lifestyle portrayed in the competition.

17 Jan

Piotr Gadzinowski (Poland)
Tak Po Prostu, Dec 1, 2013

Nieznośność lekkości bytu [The Unbearable Lightness of Being]849

Belarus can draw you in, right from the start. Picturesque villages surrounded by forests. Charming wooden houses with beautifully carved window frames. Nature untouched by commercialization.

16 Jan

Michał Potocki (Poland)
Nowa Europa Wschodnia, Nov 1, 2013

The one that never sleeps has slept for a long time570

Minsk, city of dramatic history and tough present

16 Jan

Katarina Panić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
SRNA news agency, Feb 6, 2013

Reunited with a Chernobyl child after 22 years540

After 22 years, Vesna Maric from Bosnia Herzegovina will go to meet her temporary stepdaughter Olga Lagutenok in Belarus this spring.

16 Jan

Florian Bauer (Germany)
ARD Sportschau, March 31, 2013

Weißrussland, die Eishockey-WM und die Menschenrechte [Belarus, Ice Hockey World Championships, and Human Rights]575

Major sporting events in a totalitarian country?

12 Jan

Eva Vieżnaviec (Belarus)
Kultura Enter, March 2, 2013

Heart of the City737

Cities were put near the water. But not less than water the city needed a legend. Cities stand on water and legends. Rome – on the Tiber and iron she-wolf, London – on the Thames and fires of Boudicca, Polotsk – on the Dvina, the Polota and Useslaw the Sorcerer. Minsk – on the Svisloch, bones of Nemiga and the Menesk mill. Without a legend and water, a city is only a set of houses and factories, settlement, turf-settlement, urban-type settlement, Malinovka-34.

11 Jan

Iryna Vidanava (Belarus)
Eurozine, Nov 8, 2013

Living in the Matrix677

In Belarus, a digital dissident generation that was born after 2006 came of age during the political and economic crisis of 2011. The country is in the midst of a digital revolution. However, bridging the gap between virtual and real-life activism remains one of the most serious challenges facing Belarus’ democratic movement.

11 Jan

Eva Vajtouskaja (Belarus)
Kultura Enter, July 1, 2013

'Tractor' à la bohème in the shadow of the new order 615

The Minsk city authorities plan to ’tidy up’ yet another historical area of the Belarusian capital

10 Jan

Silja Schultheis (Germany)
Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Dec 1, 2013

Ahead of the EU summit in Vilnius: Belarusian civil society hopes for a more consistent EU policy 563

Before the EU summit in Vilnius, all eyes were on the Ukraine and the Tymoshenko case. The political tug of war between the EU and Russia dominated coverage of the summit.

10 Jan

Sam Patten (United States)
New Eastern Europe, Sept 17, 2013

Fertilizer Wars Point to New Fault-line in Moscow’s Planned Eurasian Trade Union574

Behind the arrest of a Russian CEO in Belarus lies a complex political situation

10 Jan

Argemino Barro (Spain)
Frontera D, Dec 31, 2013

Belarus is Peace764

Lukashenko’s strategy

10 Jan

Argemino Barro (Spain)
La Cité, May 10, 2013

Looking for Red October583

An abandoned village lost in the farthest lands of Belarus. Two young dreamers in a wooden cabin: Kiril’s and Pasha’s life is carved on the quotidian backside of their country’s censorhip and propaganda, within the last European dictatorship.

9 Jan

Izabela Meyza (Poland)
Kontynenty, Dec 1, 2013

The hidden life of a dead roe deer625

Other forests have been cut down, but the Białowieża Forest hasn’t been touched. Why? A tourist can feel the spirit of the forest only collectively. Why? Lukashenko has built a ring road around the forest, but nobody uses it. Why?

5 Jan

Brigitte Geiselhart (Germany)
SÜDKURIER, Dec 3, 2013

„Polozk schreibt für Friedrichshafen“ feiert Abschluss [Media project strengthens twinning] 597

As the media project ’Polotsk writes for Friedrichshafen’ comes to an end, all participants are agreed on this: the media project has strengthened the link between the two towns.

5 Jan

Łukasz Grajewski (Poland)
Nowa Europa Wschodnia, Sept 1, 2013

Cinematic Revolutions581

A not-so-small revolution has taken place in Belarus. Not a political one, but cultural: three feature films telling about Belarus is a break-through event for their culture. It’s not only the pictures which talk about the state of the Belarusian soul, but also how they came to be made. This could be the topic of a separate film. Or an article.

4 Jan

Brigitte Geiselhart (Germany)
SÜDKURIER, April 9th, 2013

Gute Noten für „Polozk schreibt für Friedrichshafen“ [Students get the profit]537

Interview with Tatjana Gordejonok, University of Polotsk

3 Jan

Dr. Irving Wolther (Germany)
Asphalt Magazin, Dec 30, 2013

Belarus – das unbekannte Herz Europas [Belarus - the unknown heart of Europe]559

Belarus is torn between Russia and the European Union. The insular, authoritarian state still suffers from the heavy damages done throughout centuries of war.

18 Dec

Iryna Vidanava (Belarus)
The Dwarfing of Europe book series, May 23, 2013

On the Edge of Europe687

If the European experiment is indeed in decline, then there is little evidence of this in Ashmiany, a Belarusian town on the border with Lithuania.

12 Dec

Elena Romanato (Italy)
Millecanali (Gruppo Sole24Ore), November 1, 2013

Belarus and its TV: Minsk’s apparent 'media spring'596

While the Summer was warming up the streets of Minsk, Belarus proceeded towards a complete DTT coverage and strengthened its own radio-television systems with new technology and new channels. But the topic of freedom of the press within the country still remains very much discussed...

4 Dec

Påhl Ruin (Sweden)
Språktidningen, June 15, 2013

Vitryskan är försvarslös [Belarusian Language is Under Threat]574

Since Belarus’ independence, astoundingly few have fought for their own language

3 Dec

Jaume Vinyas (Spain)
Extramurs, November 5, 2013

Kurapati, the Graves Forgotten by the Government of Belarus 649

The relationship between the Belarusian regime and Kurapati is shocking in a city where historical memory plays a very important role.

2 Dec

Jaume Vinyas (Spain)
ARA journal, November 2, 2013

Belarusian Regime Turns its Back on Stalinist Victims 610

Defying prosecution, Belarus’ democratic opposition commemorates repression of Stalinist victims

5 Nov

Laurent Vinatier (France)
Nasha Gazeta, April 12, 2013

Belarus: Harlem Shake(s) in Slow Motion583

At a first glance, Belarus appears to be a calm and empty country, which many consider to be stuck in a Soviet-era time warp. Others describe it as a black hole, a ghost country. But looking more closely, the observer may be surprised to see the stage becoming more colourful and animated, somewhat reminiscent of the classic “Harlem Shake”