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3 Feb

Katerina Przybylska (Belarus)
Transitions Online, Sept 4, 2013

Belarus: No Beggars Allowed653

The luckless and their helpers face persecution for threatening the myth of a prosperous country.

21 Jan

Bartłomiej Pograniczny (Poland)
Cogito magazine, Dec 5, 2013

Ucieczka do Polski [Escape to Poland]568

Chechnya, Syria, Belarus. This is where they were born, but war, terror, and slavery forced them to leave their home countries.

21 Jan

Natallia Vasilevich (Belarus)
The Bell: Belarusian Info Letter, Oct 3, 2013

Orthodox Church in Belarus: Between the Russian Orthodox Church and Belarusian Society671

Natallia Vasilevich takes a deeper look into relations between Orthodox Church and the regime. She finds out that there are different groups among the Church branches, which position ranges from pro-Russian to pro- Nationalist wings. All in all, it is mostly influenced by authorities in Moscow and the political regime of Belarus.

20 Jan

Natallia Vasilevich (Belarus)
Pro et Contra magazine, Dec 9, 2013

Православная церковь в Беларуси: между государством и обществом [Belarusian Orthodox Church in the Shadow of the State]752

The Orthodox Church in Belarus is simultaneously trying to side with state and stand up for its own values.

20 Jan

Hanna Vasilevich (Belarus)
The Point Journal, Dec 29, 2013

Belarus: a second-tier partner of the EU?631

The planned or actual existence of the association agreements were seen as a sort of pale that marks progress in the EU relations with the countries of the Eastern Partnership initiative. Accordingly, Belarus and Azerbaijan were located beyond this pale.

20 Jan

Viktoriia Zhuhan (Ukraine)
Korrespondent, April 23, 2013

Фільм «Жыве Беларусь»: свобода, що має кордони [The film “Viva Belarus!”: a freedom that has its borders]632

Beatings, dirt, mites, shower once a week and prohibition to swear allegiance to Belarus – in Belarusian. The movie premiere and the action

20 Jan

Evgeny Kaprov (Belarus)
New Eastern Europe, April 1, 2013

The Hidden Fruit of the Underground730

In Belarus, the most vivid, original and interesting music is based solely below the surface of society. It is not supported by government institutions and is often completely ignored. Yet, dig a little deeper and a thriving underground music scene can be found, with bands that are more often recognised outside of Belarus than inside.

19 Jan

Kiryl Kascian (Belarus)
The Point Journal, Sept 28, 2013

On People Mobility in "the State for the People594

The recent stance of Moscow towards Kyiv proves that Russia is trying to convince Ukraine take the path Belarus has been following for number of years.

19 Jan

Annabelle Chapman (United Kingdom)
The Economist, Prospero Blog, June 5, 2013

Political theatre: Dying on stage587

The Belarus Free Theatre’s new play, "Trash Cuisine", is a take-down of the death penalty dressed up as a macabre cooking show.

18 Jan

Andrzej Tichomirow (Belarus)
The Point Journal, June 21, 2013

On the current “West-Russian” ideology in Belarus585

Since the mid-1990s, the “Renewal” of the West-Russian historiography school and ideological trend in Belarus has become a specific phenomenon in “our” part of Europe.

18 Jan

Andrzej Tichomirow (Belarus)
The Point Journal, Nov 25, 2013

West-Rus'ism and the politics of memory in today's Belarus559

The actualization of the ”West-Rus’ism” ideology in today’s Belarus took place in the mid-1990s. The fact that it has gained a “second” life is a sufficiently unexpected phenomenon for a country in this part of Europe.

18 Jan

Hanna Vasilevich (Belarus)
The Point Journal, March 29, 2013

Belarus' abnormal bilingualism622

While unveiling a commemorative plaque for Janka Kupala in Riga on March 14th, the Belarusian minister of culture, Barys Sviatlou, underscored that the Belarusian language does not face any problems in Belarus. But are the Belarusian authorities unfriendly to this language? And are the Belarusians reluctant to use it?

18 Jan

Kiryl Kascian (Belarus)
The Point Journal, May 7, 2013

Belarusian history à la BelTA or a few words about the lack of national self-respect577

While preparing materials for the Belarusian Review, I am regularly following English language news about Belarus from various news agencies, including, the official Belarusian news agency BelTA, which claims to be the "national source of news."

16 Jan

Raluca Besliu (Romania)
The Digital Journal, Dec 29, 2013

In Russia's backyard — Belarus’ partnership with China799

The article analyzes Belarus’ growing partnership with China and Russia’s potential reaction to it.

15 Jan

Torben Villwock (Germany)
Nation – Ausgrenzung – Krise, July 1, 2013

Belarus und die Krise [Belarus and the Crisis]673

A closer look at history, society and politics in Belarus that tries to correct the countries’ image given in German mass media and illustrate the manifestations of the global crisis in Belarus

13 Jan

Marta Kisialova and Alena Matsveyeva (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Aug 7, 2013

Humanitäre Hilfe für Polozk [Humanitarian aid for Polotsk]631

Social aspects of the partnership

13 Jan

Hanna Yankuta (Belarus)
Kultura Enter, April 3, 2013

Discovering a town658

The relations between Belarusian literature and town have always been very complicated. In this unequal marriage, literature escaped many times to its numerous lovers — settlement, homestead, village — and left the town in poor condition. But the town waited.

11 Jan

Oxana Dorz and Alesia Kudelko (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Aug 7, 2013

Auf der Suche nach deutschen Spuren in Polozk [Looking for German traces in Polotsk] 516

Similarities between Germans and Belarusians

11 Jan

Anastasija Kazjanina (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Aug 9, 2013

Keine Angst vor dem Alter [No fear of getting older]578

Senior citizens in Polotsk

11 Jan

Kristina Jorgic (Serbia)
Vaseljenska TV, Dec 24, 2013

Destiny of a museum – destiny of all of us896

The struggle to save the Maxim Bogdanovich museum in Minsk

11 Jan

Kristsina Danilenak and Maryna Bekish (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Aug 7, 2013

Polozk und Friedrichshafen: heute und morgen [Visions of the future]584

The partnership between Polotsk and Friedrichshafen

10 Jan

Julija Novizkaja (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, May 7,2013

Der Hering kommt im Pelzmantel daher [Herring comes in a fur coat]527

Belarusian national cuisine

10 Jan

Alena Matsveyeva (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, July 24,2013

Neue haben wirklich keine Ahnung [Freshers really have no idea]541

Student rituals in Belarus

10 Jan

Marina Tscherbitzkaja (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, April 3, 2013

Gleichgültigkeit ist die falsche Taktik [Indifference is the wrong tactic]529

Volunteering for Animal Welfare in Polotsk

9 Jan

Helen Scharan (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Sept 4, 2013

Lehrer zu sein, ist harte Arbeit [Hard work to be a teacher]517

Problems of teachers in Belarus

9 Jan

Irina Loktewa (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Nov 6, 2013

Für einen Tag Prinzessin [Princess for a day]515

Wedding traditions in Belarus

9 Jan

Marija Tarassowa (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Oct 5, 2013

Durchstarten statt am Herd stehen [Give gas instead of standing at the stove]541

Emancipation in Belarus

8 Jan

Julija Tararako (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Aug 22, 2013

Kann man Gesundheit kaufen? [Can you buy health?]528

The Belarusian health system

8 Jan

Eva Coronado Alonso (Spain)
FronteraD, Dec 26,2013

The awaiting revolution of Belarus and the mirror of Ukraine667

Thousands of Ukrainians are filling the streets of Kiev. Citizens of Belarus have been one of the first to support citizens of Ukraine. Inside Belarus some marches have been organized, but it is not easy.

8 Jan

Marina Baranowskaja (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, March 6, 2013

Studieren als reines Pflichtprogramm [Studying as pure compulsory program]527

No self-reliance of Belarusian students

8 Jan

Vitalina Trofimtschuk (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, July 6, 2013

Die Quelle der Inspiration [The source of inspiration]585

Literary circle in Polotsk

8 Jan

Iryna Hutar (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, Feb 12, 2013

Heißer Mini oder abgewetzte Jeans? [Hot mini or shabby jeans?]795

Fashion taste in Belarus and in Germany

8 Jan

Aliaksei Krytau (Belarus)
SÜDKURIER, June 3, 2013

Zerreißprobe auf 54 Quadratmetern [Power struggle in the apartment]593

Power struggle in the apartment

3 Jan

Annabelle Chapman (United Kingdom)
openDemocracy, Sept 12, 2013

Belarusian Warsaw – ghetto or gilded cage?683

For twenty years Alyaksandr Lukashenka, president of Belarus, has ruled with an iron hand, and ruined the economy; and still there is no sign of the screws loosening. Meanwhile, as Annabelle Chapman reports, his country has seen a brain drain of young talented Belarusians, many of them to neighbouring Poland.

3 Jan

Brendan McCall (United States)
The Nordic Page, Dec 28, 2013

Belarus and Its Metaphors1166

The Belarusian Dream Theater project hopes to stand in solidarity with Belaruisan artists , using the tools of metaphor and story to support freedom of expression in the country.

3 Jan

Ewa Zwierzyńska (Poland)
Czasopis.pl, Dec 2013

Us from the Kolkhoz550

Aleksander Lukashenko is the only person in Europe to have kept a network of ’sovkhoz’ and ’kolkhoz’ functioning in a Soviet style.

18 Oct

Simon Lewis (United Kingdom)
openDemocracy, April 5, 2013

Culture War in Belarus621

In the post-2010 crackdown, cultural expression has become synonymous with political resistance in Belarus. But is it really possible for a regime to fight against its own national culture, and survive, wonders Simon Lewis?